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On February 22, 2009 the Raleigh-Durham Airport become more than just an airport, it became a memory that will be embedded in our hearts forever.
Let's begin at the begining.Erika was returning from a trip to help with the planning of Michelle Libner's (Hudson) wedding. Erika is a bridesmaid in Michelle wedding scheduled for June 2009. Erika traveled to the Garden State to help select flowers, cake, and participate in other Bridesmaids duties. While she was up north she caught up with other friends in Jersey. Erika thought that Dretti was having a great time with his family in Caroline County. At least this is what she thought. However, she would soon find out that he was far from Caroline on that weekend. In fact he was in Chesapeake asking her parents for her hand in marriage. But she was not privy to this little details.

After 3 days in NJ, Erika decided that it was time to come back home. In fact she actually decided to leave NJ early. So she headed to the airport and was able to book an early flight back to North Carolina. While waiting for her flight she called Dretti to let him know that plans had changed. During the conversation he suggested that they go to brunch upon her return. Of course she agreed. (As you know Erika loves food). When Erika arrived at RDU she was excited to see Dretti sitting in the baggage claim area. Immediately she jokingly says to him "where's my sign." He responds I have a sign for you and he holds up a sketch book. In the sketch book Dretti had drawn out "will you marry me." Shocked and not actually believing that he was serious, Erika says to him "stop playing, where are we going to eat." He then states "no seriously." After several back and forths between the two of them Dretti then pulls out a ring box. Erika still does not believe that he is serious. She says "there is nothing in that box...let's go I'm hungry." Finally Dretti opens the box and to Erika's surprise there was a beautiful antique style engagement ring. She instantly collapsed to the ground. After about ten minutes of shock and awe she finally said... YES!!!
Then of course they went to brunch
Again Erika loves food...
But not as much as she loves Mr. Brown.


About the bride >>Erika is the youngest of two daughters. Her parents, Stephen and Gladys Massenburg, raised their small family in Norfolk, VA. Because Erika's sister is 12 years older, Erika was able to enjoy the best of both worlds, having a sister and being a "pseudo"-only child.

<< About the groom Andretti is the only child of Theodore and Betty Brown. Born and raised in Caroline County, Dretti spent most of his childhood enjoying the country life and traveling around the country with his parents.

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How we met Andretti and Erika meet while in undegrate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. Depending on which one you ask you will get a different year of when they meet. Andretti says they met in 1998 and Erika will stand by her date of 2000. No matter what the official date it seems that the stars were determined to keep the two together.




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